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„PLUSS Is More“

No building is merely a building. Every building has a soul, a story, personality, and life. The first major plus of architecture is its longevity. Architecture must create a space, develop it, complement it, and perfect it. Architecture is a set of values of its time, taking those values as echoes into the distant future.

PLUSS Architects has designed more than 1 000 000 square metres of communal buildings, apartment buildings, and private houses – both new as well as renovated and restored buildings – since its founding in 2002.
We dare to cross the border which many have not risked or been able to. The export of architecture has now become an integral part of our everyday work.

Diversity is another big plus of plus alongside our, likewise, keen and creative competitors. Executed projects vary in size and style, the common theme being functionality and architectural quality that meets the client’s expectations.
We want to highlight an important plus of the architectural firm, which is the general contract of the design – starting with planning the environment to be created, and ending with drawing up the application estimates and author supervision.
We have the certificates and licenses to design energy efficient buildings, high-tech facilities, and architectural monuments. Our creations have brought us numerous prizes in our field, both domestic and abroad.

PLUSS Architects has working for it, 17 experienced, determined top specialists working as a united team, all of whom know that the idea for the design must be born from the desire to create something extraordinary: only such an idea can be worthy of PLUSS. This is our plus.

Our Team

Rebecca Kontus
Tanel Friedenthal
Tanno Tammesson
Eeva Sova
Katrin Ventsel

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